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We are currently in the process of importing all our reviews into our new website. Everything will be in place shortly.


Tech Gear was originally started in 2003 out of interest by a couple of individuals and in 2005 we had a name change to The Tech Room (www.thetechroom.co.uk) which some of you may of heard of. After being online for some time all was going good but some staff members had more things to deal with. “Work got in the way!” is one of the excuses for the temporary demise of the site. And now we’re back again with our original name as Tech Gear with more staff and better motivation.

At Tech Gear we try to make sure our reviews are as honest and open as possible. We won’t hesitate to point out the bad or even very bad of any product we receive for review naturally we won’t hesitate to mention the best points too! As well as reviewing, the photography of the products we receive must meet a set standard. We also try to make the products stand out by aiming to achieve semi / professional quality pictures. This means no poor quality webcam pictures and it’s also why you will usually see white backdrops used in our images. If you would like to sponsor our website by providing product samples then we will be most grateful indeed. Sites like ours depend heavily on their sponsors and without sponsors it’s not possibl